Ship listings


Strike crafts

  • Strike crafts are nimble ships that are normally crewed by 1 or 2 pilots. Lightly armed and armored, strike crafts are employed predominantly for reconnaissance, escort and strategic strikes.
  • Bombers are heavily armed corvette-class ships designed for the sole purpose of ship-hunting. Outfitted with a hyperspace core, bombers are able to penetrate deep into enemy attack formations to take out their command ships.
  • Agile enough to engage strike crafts, and heavily armed with multiple omni-directional weapons, frigates are the main offensive ships of attack formations. Frigates normally operate in lances of 3, amplifying their effectiveness as multi-role warships.
  • Designed with the sole purpose of territorial penetration, Voidships are heavily cloaked warships armed with capital-class weapons. Relying primarily on stealth to achieve their objectives, Voidships are very lightly armored.
  • The backbone of attack formations, Destroyers are heavily armed and armored behemoths tasked with the sole purpose of ship-to-ship engagements at extreme ranges. Though fully able to hold on its own, Destroyers are not designed to engage agile ships.
  • Rivaling the Destroyers in both firepower and armor, Cruisers are the heavy hitters of the fleet. Able to decimate warships in seconds, Cruisers also provide forward logistics and support for strike crafts.
  • Fully dedicated to the role of destroying the enemy in any situation, Battleships are one of the core ships that form an attack formation. Armed with weapons ranging from anti-fighters guns to capital-class Ion Cannons, they are only hampered by their slow speeds.
  • The core ship of any fleet, Carriers provide a virtually unlimited range of operations to strike crafts. Carriers are armed with long range torpedoes and defensive weapons, and are capable of servicing and manufacturing ships.
  • Logistics ships provide fleets with essential resources and ammunition. These heavily armored ships also provide on-site repairs in combat, and are capable of retrieving life pods.